Why you should deal with objections!

Why you should deal with objections!

9 times out of 10 last week when I was on my Success Strategy calls and we got onto the topic around sales and particularly objections I’d hear “well I just ok and bye”…that to me seems crazy but then equally when I stop and think about it for a minute it makes perfect sense.


The reason 99% of people get to the objections on in a sales conversation and then don’t deal with them and take it as a no is because their fear and own beliefs in kick in. So many online business owners are afraid of dealing with the objection because they’re afraid it’ll make them pushy or salesy and in a world where a lot of the content I see online is feeding peoples fear around sales being bad that’s understandable and equally another reason they don’t is because they see and hear “if they want it they’ll buy it no questions asked” online and so they think that when someone comes at them with an objection it means they don’t want it.


I’m calling bullshit on it and here’s why


An objection isn’t a no

Are you absolutely sure about that? Yes I am, they didn’t say no they said “well but xyz..” that’s not a no that’s an objection. If they meant no then they’d have said no. But when you presume that the objection is a no then you end it there and then and then ultimately that means you leave sales on the table and that goal you’re staring at will continue to feel further and further away. Stop presuming that an objection is a no, if they didn’t say no and instead offered an objection then that’s not no!


Understand what the objection really is

People get wrapped up in the emotion of a sales call and their own beliefs so when someone comes at them with an objection they automatically retreat from it but this is the thing, if you detach from what you’re making that objection mean you might discover that the reason they’re responding with an objection is because of their own fears and beliefs. The number 1 reason I come across when people respond with an objection is because of their own fear and belief, it might be they don’t think it’ll work for them, they don’t trust themselves, they worry they won’t have enough time…but ultimately whatever the objection more often than not the objection is coming from a place of fear or from their own beliefs. When you detach from your own emotions and beliefs then you can clearly uncover what the objection is actually all about for them.


It’s actually an opportunity

Yep an objection is actually an opportunity for you to help them, whether that’s helping them uncover some fears or beliefs they didn’t know they had or help them see why they need what you’re offering, the objection actually opens an opportunity for you to show them on a deeper level why they need or want what you’re selling. If they’d just said no then you wouldn’t necessary have the same opportunity, but they didn’t they gave you an objection and an objection can be worked with and in some cases it can showcase you in a way that you might not have been able to demonstrate to them before


Ultimately there’s so many reasons why you should be dealing with objections but the biggest of all is because you’re not serving them or you if you don’t. You’re not serving them because the chances are they need what you’re selling and if you don’t deal with that objection and you let them sit there with it then ultimately they won’t change or get what they need right? And you’re not serving you because you’re not getting the sales you could be getting


Dealing with objections isn’t about being pushy or sales, it’s not about forcing someone into a corner and making them buy. It’s just purely about exploring that objection and potentially helping them move past it.


Stop allowing your own beliefs and fears to hold you back from really selling at the level and volume you deserve!


Are you ready to step into a successful confident seller and make high end sales on repeat in your business? Let’s talk about how that would look like for you.

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