Why High End Isn’t For Everyone?

Why High End Isn’t For Everyone?

It’s funny right everywhere you turn online there’ll be someone somewhere telling you about the way you need to take to reach the success they desire, but are they right?

One person will tell you that online memberships is the golden ticket

Others will preach group programmes

Hourly services

High end packages

You name it someone will be preaching it 

And that’s ok but it can be confusing, which one is right? and what I find is a lot of people are following “must do” ways when it’s not actually right for them

So I generally teach high end, it’s not that I’m not into any of the other stuff and some of it I do myself I just like to teach high end it’s my thing right and that’ll be exactly the same for almost everyone else but the fact is high end isn’t for everyone and it might not be for you, just like memberships might not be

The fact is there’s more than one way to reach the success you desire and a large part of it is actually liking what you do, and if that’s high end packages awesome, if it’s something else then that’s equally as cool.

A large part of it also depends on where you’re at, see if you’ve got a full time job and you’re building your business on the side and you don’t have time to do one 2 one packages then group or membership is a good option for you but then if you do have time and you don’t necessarily have a big budget to drive traffic to get the conversions for a membership platform then one 2 one might be a better option for you

When people are choosing on that initial path to go down (because let’s not forget it doesn’t have to be the same path forever) they often don’t stop to think about what they like, where they’re at and what would actually serve them to get to their goal right now

Let’s say you’re starting out and your goal is to hit 5k next month, is a membership platform the best option for that? No not really but high end one 2 one would get you to that 5k goal with ease

Before you dive in and spend months taking yourself down a set up that isn’t actually right for you take a step back and ask yourself

  1. Where am I right now?
  2. What’s my immediate goal?
  3. What would best serve me in reaching that goal?

There’s a path for everyone, there isn’t just one way to get to where you want to be but it’s important you start it off with the path that’s going to serve you best!

Are you thinking that high end would be perfect for you but you don’t know where to start? Let’s talk, in 30 minutes I’ll help you put together a high end package that your ideal clients will want to pay in full for AND I’ll show you exactly how you can sell it too! Hit the link below and apply for your free call.


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