Important: This is for you only if you’re serious about scaling to multiple 6 figures!

Want to scale in a way that aligns with you, doesn’t involve you cloning yourself  but still enables you to work in a way you love with the freedom you desire?

It’s time for you to leverage high end end selling!

I mean first of all let’s just recognise you for the amazing acomplishment you’ve achieved which is actually making some sales and having some big income months in fact you may have had a few of them

But you’ve not here today to have me tell you how awesome you are I mean you already know that, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here. But you are here because you want the consistency, you want consistent high sales months, you want to have that multiple 6 figure business that unlocks the limitless life you desire but you want to do it without cloning yourself or working 60 hours a week right?!


You desire to scale a business that enables you the freedom to live a life you love, whatever that looks like for you, a life without limits and a business to match. That’s where high end selling can help you. 


Let’s be really honest, I mean we can do that right?! You’re not charging anywhere near the amount you should be for your valuable services, and sure you’ve made sales but you’ve done it whilst undercharging, over delivering (which isn’t a bad thing FYI) and working a shit ton of hours.

Sometimes you look around at others in your field or similar fields and wonder how they do it? How have they managed to build an amazing multiple 6 or 7 figure business that hasn’t left them working 50+ hours a week. Or maybe you wonder how have they managed to build consistent income, like one or 2 big months sure but that consistency is what you desire right?!


It’s not that you shy away from work, you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty but that doesn’t mean you want to stay in that position forever and when you think of scalling right now with your current prices and time constraints it can feel a little “where on earth would I have time to actually action whatever sales I make”


You know you’re amazing at what you do and yet you know you’re undercharging for your work

You find yourself over delivering which of course isn’t a bad thing but when you’re already undercharging it can feel as if you end up working for barely anything

You’re investing a ton of hours into your business and clients, whilst you enjoy it you would love some more time freedom that would enable you to really achieve a life you dream of

You’ve tried creating courses or perhaps you do have a course but you’re just not lit up in the same way about selling those

You really want to scale but you also want to be able to really enjoy your life, a business that lights you up, work with people you love whilst having the time to actually enjoy life too!



Right now you desire to:

  • Scale to multiple high six figures (If it’s scaling to 7 or multiple 7 figures you’re looking for then click here)
  • Increase your prices and really charge your worth
  • Serve your ideal clients and audience at the highest level
  • Be able to scale your powerful amazing work whilst really leveraging your time and achieving time freedom
  • Create and sell packages worth 10 – 60k 
  • Attract in your totally amazing ideal clients with ease and in complete flow 
  • Impact more people but still be able to work in a way that’s in alignment for you whilst also really leveraging your time
  • Have more freedom so you can not just enjoy your business but your life too, have more fun, travel more, just sit and be able to read more books even, time freedom is really important to you
  • Have consistent high income months in your business, no feast or famine, no dribs and drabs, no wondering where your next big month is coming from if you’re not in “launch mode”…consistent big income months! 

Sound about right? If yes then you are in the right place!


“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul,” Moshe Dayan

I’m here to show you that there’s another way and if you want to help bring it to life for you. 

When I first started my coaching business in 2013 I was doing so off the back of having already built a successful business. But I had found myself hating it, I hated the business, I was working all the time and I was deeply unhappy.

So I did the unthinkable and I left it all behind, I set off to start again but this time promising I was doing so to achieve freedom. I dived into the online world taking something I was naturally good at, had experience in and was passionate about which was helping others grow their businesses I absorbed all of the knowledge and information out there about online courses. 

6 months later I hadn’t made a single sale and to be honest I didn’t even like what I was selling. Whilst courses are amazing and I do sell them now they’ve never lit me up in the same way as working with people has. I crave that connection, it’s what lights me up but people said the key to freedom with a business was courses, so I had to do it this way right?



I decided to leverage the high end model, within 30 days I had gone from 0 sales to over 40k in cash sales from there I climbed quickly to over 100k in 6 months. The rest as they say is history. 

The high end model has enabled me to create a truly limitless business and life, in 2019 alone I went on 9 vacations all over the world including Disney twice in 2 different countries with my family, I also moved from the UK to the Canary Islands in August of 2019 to live out the island life. I have financial freedom, time freedom and life freedom and I did it all by leveraging high end selling and I’m here to say you can too.

I’ve helped clients with my proven strategies and system right across the world in all different industries do the same, from selling 10-500k+ packages I’ve done it all, unlocked the limitless life for them and joined in with the celebrations. 

Will you be next?


Unleash Your Limitless Living is an immersive 6 month supportive package which helps you get shit done, scale and truly start to leverage high end selling.

We will focus on:

  • Creating a couple of super aligned high end offerings or packages (this can be an individual or group based, in person or online, the options are endless)
  • Creating a lead generation system and funnel that ensures you bring in high quality leads daily that are ready to buy and perfect for you and more importantly you bring them in consistently
  • Fine tuning a sales process that has you confidently converting and selling your high end offerings (without even doing sales calls!)
  • Ensuring you have the support and systems you need to sell these consistently and scale to multiple high six figures 
  • Helping you step into the version of you that you need to be, the multiple high six figure you that owns your worth, value and power in this world

I know you’re busy, that’s part of the reason why you’re here and so the package is careful constructed to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed, find yourself in a situation where you’re not taking any action or need to find another 20 hours a week to dedicate to anything we do together. 


Everyone is different, if there’s one thing I’m not a fan of is cookie cutter approaches to coaching or business, we’re all different, all unique and all need different things at different times. Which is why this package is created with that in mind to ensure you receive the support, guidance and accountability that works best for you. Each month you have the ability to have up to a maximum of 240 minutes on live private call with me. Want to use them all at once? No problem. Want to split it to 4 weekly? Sure. Flexibility is key.


But if you think I’m going to let you get away with doing nothing then think again, you don’t always know what you need I mean we can very rarely see things for ourselves and so accountability is key along with a little ass kicking from me if necessary. Which is where VOXER access comes in, you get unlimited access to me through VOXER and likewise it’s where I’ll check in, keep you accountable and give you that ass kicking if necessary. 


Included is a 2 day in person experience (you can either come to me to the paradise island of Lanzarote, meet me somewhere else in this big amazing world or I can come to you) where the first day we get to work (on the strategy, offerings and killer mindset) and the second day you action it! Yes you actually have a full day to action it, and I’m there with you to support you in doing so, which means you get tangible results and take tangible action before you head home and have the potential of “life” to get in the way. This is also the perfect opportunity to get any help with anxiety, worries or anything on a mindset inner level that will hold you back, you’ll have my support there with you while you do it vs try and work through it all on your own.


You may have a team and if you do that’s awesome but perhaps you don’t have a full team or maybe a team isn’t something you’ve fully invested in yet and if that’s you then this part is perfect, as part of the 6 month program you get access to a team, included in that team is magicians who can build funnels, sales pages, bots and more. Need help with social media? We’ve got you covered. You’ll have 5 hours of team tokens to use per week. 


Investment is $30,000 USD


Pay in full bonuses include: 

12 months access into my private mastermind, this means you can benefit from the power of a collective mind!


2 day in person mini retreat (locations can either be Lanzarote, Los Angeles, Toronto or Arizona, other locations available on request!) we don’t just do business during this retreat, you get the chance to spend 1-1 time with other amazing experts who help you fully step into next level you, also you get to carve out another period of time to really take action on things and to focus on your work without the distractions of life.


Liked the team access but want more? As a pay in full bonus you get full unlimited team access and you know what that means, you can get as much support and get as much as you need doing with no restraints at all! Hello empty to do list 😉 


Payment plan is 5 x $6000 USD


This is for you if you’re:

  • No looking for a get rick quick scheme
  • Done with undercharging for your valuable work
  • Wanting to work in a way that’s aligned with you 
  • Unlock time freedom and really leverage your time in your business
  • Want to scale to multiple 6 high six figures
  • Ready and committed to actually making things happen for yourself
  • Wanting to really serve your ideal clients at the highest level whilst also creating impact in your own life and dreams
  • Willing to invest in support, guidance and mentoring to enable this to happen for you
  • Desiring to create a limitless life and business!


Everyone kept telling me that I was under pricing my services and even though I knew they were right I was also worried about really charging more and when I thought about five figure packages I didn´t know if that would work for me. But I was tired of not charging my worth and also I was working so many hours scaling seemed impossible. After 6 months of working with Jane I was selling out my brand new 15k offer and even had a 4 month waitlist. The best thing is I was able to do it in a way that meant I could achieve a really big goal and dream for me which was to become a nomad and travel full time.

Jamie D

Life Coach

I wasn´t sure what I was really thinking when I said yes to working with Jane but I knew things had to change for me. Whilst I had what the world would class as a successful business I was a little trapped. I was working loads and couldn´t see how I was going to scale. Within 3 months of working with Jane I had 2 brand new packages that had brought in over 100k in sales. It is by far the best investment I have ever made. 

Sara F

Finance Consultant

I loved my business but the way I had it set up really wasn’t working for me. I wanted to take things bigger but I had no time as it was, I was making consistent good money but wanted to be able to do more. In the past 12 months I crossed 570k in sales and that is money banked. Oddly I have also worked less which I feel really weird saying because it sounds so crazy compared to where I was. 

If you´re wondering whether Jane is someone for you the answer is yes, hands down the best decision I have ever made. 

Laura T

Personal Trainer

Will I actually be able to sell at this level? 

Yes, 100% yes in fact I have no doubt about it and neither should you. You’re already selling, regardless of what that level currently is it’s still selling and selling at this level isn’t really any different but you’ll be equipped with my secret selling recipies and also have my support in stepping into the version of you who effortlessly sells at this level!

I’m already busy, will I need loads of time in a week to do all of this?

No, I know you’re busy I mean that’s half the reason why you’re here and so this package is created with that in mind. It’s why we have the in person 2 days (bonus of another 2 days if paid in full), it’s why we have the flexibility of minutes for calls instead of set you have to have 4 calls a month. It’s about making this happen in a way that works for you and not forcing you to make yourself work in a way that makes this work.

Will I lose any momentum that I have currently built up?

Not at all, we’re building on that momentum not burning it to the ground and starting again. We’re focusing on scaling from where you currently are, might there be some minor tweaks and adjustments? For sure but that’s growth!  

Do we just focus on strategy?

No. That’s the really short answer, no! Scaling is never just about the strategy and so other elements do come into our work together

I’m not a business coach is scaling in this way possible for me?

It absolutely is, I’ve worked in and with a wide range of sectors and services and I can say that any sector and any service can scale in this way and really leverage high end selling to achieve time freedom, limitless life and dream incomes!

Do you offer discounts?

No I don’t, the whole purpose of this package is to scale to multiple high six figures, if you sell just 2 packages a month for 12 months you’ll have 10x your investment. I mean that’s a pretty amazing return by anyones standards right but of course we’re focusing on a much bigger return than that! In fact that number could be a lot less, if we create a 40k package you’ll have made your investment back with just one sale!