The Secret To Content That Flows And Works!

The Secret To Content That Flows And Works!

“I have a question for you Jane how come your content always makes me feel as if you’re in my head or spying on me?”


“Jane how do you manage to create as much content as quickly as you do?”


These are 2 questions I get on repeat, weekly…I could put money on these questions landing in my inbox weekly and my money would be safe it’s that consistent!


The thing is I also know that people are constantly being told how important content is because it is right? But that can feel incredibly frustrating to keep being told that when you sit there staring at a blank screen for what feels like all day.


And then it’s even worse when you finally write something or create some sort of content only to put it out there and not get anything from it.


So what’s the secret?

How come I create as much and as quickly as I do?

How come I seem to be able to be in peoples head and create that feeling of OMG how does she know that?


I decided I’d share with you right here right now exactly what my secrets are


  1. I know my ideal clients

Oh Jane this is so cliche…I know right? But it’s true. I know you’ve heard and read this a million times but if you know your ideal clients then half the battle of creating content and being in their head is done with!


  1. I write/talk/create as if I’m having a conversation with them

I’ve found this is by far the BEST way to create content and particularly content that makes people feel that you’re in their head. If I’m creating I put myself in a place where I imagine having a conversation with my ideal clients. What questions are they looking to have answered right now? What are they searching for? What are they doing? And then I just answer them!


  1. Use what’s around you

Content is around you everyday, every hour, every minute you’re being surrounded by content. Whether it’s something you’ve experienced, seen or done it’s all content and can be used. All those hours you’ve scrolled through your newsfeed today….yep content!!


  1. If I’m stuck for content I ask

Yes you heard me, if I’m literally sat there with no idea and I’m totally stuck then I go and ask. I’ll go and ask some questions or just engage with my ideal clients a little and before you know it I have a ton of ideas for content.


  1. I don’t switch my creativity off

Content and creativity kind of go hand in hand and when you see creativity as something that you switch on and off then you tend to find it doesn’t work, so you end up sitting there staring at a blank screen. Where as when you allow creativity to flow and just be ON then you’ll find your content flowing too!


Content is important but if you’re not starting with the important foundational part that makes content convert which is actually knowing who the hell your content is for then none of it will work and that’s just a fact.


Tired of not having content that converts? Let’s change that

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