The mistakes business owners make when launching their online business

The mistakes business owners make when launching their online business

Launching an online business is an exciting time, you’ve got your checklist, you’re putting the finishing touches to your website and then you’ll be ready to go. The doors will open and the sales will flow….or will they?

See for a lot of business owners that just isn’t the reality they’re faced with, they go live with their website and they start putting their offers out there and then boom crickets!

Usually this happens because they’ve fallen into the pits of the common mistakes people make, I’m speaking from experience here because yes I made them too. So I thought I’d get them together and chat about there here.


  1. They try to talk to everyone

There’s that thinking right that the bigger the amount of potential customers the easier it will be to sell, yea wrong it doesn’t work like that. What really happens when you try to talk to everyone is ultimately you end up talking to no one and when that happens no one buys. It’s a definite myth with those starting out that you’ve got to have as many potential customers to make sales and narrowing that down is going to harm you when in reality the opposite is true. The more people you try to speak to the less sales you make. The online world is a big space and if you’re not specific enough you simply won’t cut through the noise and if you don’t cut through the noise you won’t make sales!


2. They rely on surveys

Surveys….yea I’m not a fan, why? Well simply put you never actually know who’s filling them in and so while on the surface it can look like a great idea to grab a survey and then launch your business using whatever answers you get in reality you might find that you’ve just launched your business on the back of a ton of random information and you’ve guessed it that’s going to end in you not making the sales you want. It’s a far better idea to just get out there and start showing up and engaging with your ideal clients, that way you’ll learn way more about them and know you’re learning it about the people you actually want to work with and ultimately buy from you.


3. They think they’ve got to build value for 10 months

The reality is that we train our audience to engage and interact with us, it sounds odd but it’s true. So when you spend 10 months giving away everything for free and then suddenly start asking for the sale they won’t all start buying just because you’ve given a load away for 10 months. Have you built trust? Sure…but you’ve also built an audience who expects things for free and that won’t necessarily transfer over into making sales. Do you have to build value? Sure you have to show value but how you show value doesn’t mean you’ve got to spend 10 months before you can ask for the sale, in fact showing value isn’t actually about never asking for the sale. Your strategy should always have a balance of selling and showing value but that should be standard whether you’re just starting or 10 months down the line. You can start today and start asking for the sale next week if you wanted to.


4. They ask in the wrong places

“How much would you pay for xyz?” I see this question asked a lot in Facebook groups and while on the face of it it may seem like a good idea, ask them what they’d pay and then charge if but there’s a big problem with that… might well be asking people who don’t value what you do in the first place and if that’s the case you’re not going to get the right number and again you’ll end up not making sales.


5. They’re not selling the want

People buy what they want or need, they don’t buy a health coach they buy what the health coach is going to help them do. So many people launch their business and sell the “thing” rather than the want and that results in no sales. If you want people to buy from you you’ve got to sell the want. You’ve got to connect what you do with what they need or want. Oh but that’s not the same for me see people said they needed what I do…yea they said it but they won’t exchange any money for it until you connect what you do with what they want or need and that only happens when you focus and sell that rather than selling the “thing” you do.


6. They don’t show up consistently

Look I’d love to tell you that you can launch an online business and sit there journaling and you’ll get all the sales you want but the fact is that won’t happen. See journaling is important and so is mindset but you have to combine it with taking action. You’ve got to be showing up consistently if you want to make sales. Simply put if people don’t know you exist they’re not going to be able to buy from you are they? Let them know you exist and you have to be consistent with it too, there’s little point in showing up today then disappearing for 6 months and expecting the sales to flow.


7. They don’t believe

While I said you’ve got to take action you’ve also got to believe it’s going to happen. You can’t be one foot in and one foot out, you can’t be not believing and expect to get everything you want. You’ve got to believe, you’ve got to make your success a non negotiable, in your mind it has to be a done deal. Who would you be if you were already there? How would you feel? What would you be doing? You’ve got to believe and step into that zone!


8. They mistake their excuses for truths

“I can’t because I’m not ready”…”I don’t have time”…look let’s be honest they’re just excuses, they may not feel like it but they are. They’re excuses and so many people mistake those excuses for truths, the fact is most excuses are born from fear. Learn to question your thoughts so you can ask yourself “is this really true?” that way you can start to see that your thoughts aren’t always your truths and you control what you listen to and what you take action from.


Want a successful online business? Then focus on the following, be specific about your market, sell the want and show up consistently in front of them and remember to ASK FOR THE SALE! Success isn’t complicated and it doesn’t have to take forever and it doesn’t have to be really hard either, but it does require action taking and it is in your hands.


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