The hack to growing your audience and position yourself as an expert quickly!

Spend 2 seconds on social media and you’ll find someone asking how they can get seen quickly, the replies will be a mix between you can’t get seen quickly it takes time and run some ads or do lives. While they’ve all got a point I usually find that they’re missing the one big hack that can really get people seen quickly and not just seen but seen as the expert too.

This hack enabled me when I was just starting to:

  • Build my list from 0 to over 1000 in under 4 weeks
  • Make my first 10k in under 30 days
  • Open doors with connections that were otherwise slammed shut

This same hack has enabled clients to:

  • Go from no sales for 6 months to selling out in a 60 day turnaround
  • Feeling as if they’re shouting into the abyss with their content to having people reach out to them
  • Sell out their first ever live event with no paid marketing and starting with 0 audience

What is the hack? Drum roll….collaborating!

Now I know what you’re thinking, I can’t collaborate because that means I’ll be sharing what little audience I might have and I can’t collaborate because I don’t have any connections I could collaborate with. But you’re wrong on both points and I’ll explain why below.

Here’s why you should be collaborating AND how you can find some collaborations!

  1. Increases your expert positioning

The beauty of collaborating is that it’s someone else saying hey look I’m interviewing xyz expert or hey I’m collaborating with xyz who’s an expert in xyz. It’s amazing for you to show up as an expert yourself with your own content for sure it is, but having someone else say you’re an expert well that goes a hell of a long way!

2. Additional step on the trust ladder

When you collaborate with someone else they’re saying to their audience hey I trust this person and that means their audience already trusts you a little more than if they were to just randomly come across you on the internet. Trust goes a long way in peoples decisions whether to buy from you or not and so if you can get a boost and step up on that ladder you should do it.

3. You get right in front of your ideal clients

If done right you should be collaborating with people who have your ideal clients in their audience and the great thing about this is it means you’re not guessing whether you’re showing up in front of your ideal clients, you’re literally going direct to where they are and showing them you exist. This alone can make a huge difference to someone’s results when it comes to audience growth and sales.

4. Connections, Connections, Connections

They make the world go around (ok they don’t) but connections are extremely valuable particularly in the online world, people are far more likely to go to their connections with opportunities first before elsewhere, if they’re looking for speakers for a summit they’ll turn to their connections first, affiliates and referrals? Connections first. Connections will help you get ahead and collaborating is a great way to build those connections.

So you now know the plus points of collaborating but the big question remains what would you collaborate on and how do you even find any to begin with? Let me answer them for you…

What type of collaborations?

The answer to this question lies entirely upon you, your business and who you’re looking to collaborate with. You could do an Instagram takeover, exchange FB lives, exchange free trainings, do joint challenges, run a joint workshop, organise an online summit, podcast interview…the list goes on! It could literally be anything you desire!

Where do I find any?

You’ve got 2 options here either you can go and ask in groups or any social media platforms you’re on or you can directly reach out to people that you’d love to collaborate with. Either way it’s about asking, go into a group and say “Hey I’m x and I do x I’d love to collaborate with people who are xyz” or post on your social media either way asking is where it all begins and if you don’t think you can do that then get in touch with people you’d love to collaborate with, it never hurts to ask (and for those wondering my inbox is always open for collaboration requests!)

If you’re not collaborating then you’re missing out, it is by far my favourite way of growing quickly and positioning yourself as an expert in your field!

Go get seen

Go get collaborating

A great place to start looking for collaborations is in my Private Group: The Success Lounge…join free today!

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