Right now you’re not where you want to be and you’re either:


At your witts end trying to figure out what you need to change to actually get people to buy, you’ve tried low end, you’ve tried high end, you’ve tried selling membership options, you’ve tried selling with long installments, it seems like no matter what you do no one buys or they’ll say they’re interested right up until the point they have to actually pay for something.


In the first 3 months of your business and you’ve spent most of it just researching and building a website, you’ve now got all of that behind the scenes stuff done and realized you’ve got to start actually selling stuff but you’ve no idea what direction to take. There are so many options on the table and you’re overwhelmed, you also don’t have any more time to waste on trying things that then don’t work. You’re ready to make this work and start getting sales in now.


Getting sales usually around the 2-5k mark monthly but you really want to scale up to and past the five-figure months bracket, the thing is though you’ve tried launching some things that you thought would get you there only to find it hasn’t worked or you’re not a fan of those funnels and ads and low-end stuff and ideally want to be scaling to five figures without using them.


If you answered YES to any of the above then this is a good place to start. We’ll jump on a call together and we’ll chat about your high-end offers and marketing strategy to actually hit five-figure cash months in your business even if you’re at the very beginning.

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