Unlock your first or consistent 10k – 20k months in your coaching or service based business and start living your dream!

You wanted to be a business owner because you desired freedom, instead you have a business that

isn´t making sales and you feel as if all you do is work IN your business!

You’ve created so many freebies and offers you´ve completely lost count, the only thing you know for certain is there´s hasn´t been enough sales (or maybe even not a single sale or sign up)

You´ve spent hours scrolling through groups looking for leads and/or the answer to your lack of progress

You´ve downloaded a bazzilion freebies and desparetly tried them all

You work on your business every single day, sometimes you can´t remember when you last took a break!

You may even have previously made sales, maybe you’ve even celebrated big months but the consistency just isn’t there and you want it to be

You know you should be and could be charging more but right not you’ve got a little fear around whether people would pay


I hear you! But here´s the really important thing to remember….YOU CAN DO THIS!

It´s possible for you, there´s no big secret out there that the world isn´t willing to let you on, those people you follow that have you thinking “I wish I had those results/success” well you can, the fact they did is proof you can too!

Does this sound familiar….

You´re a service based business owner or coach who´s ready to leverage their time and start hitting consistent 10k – 20k months!

You´ve previously tried selling low cost offerings that are selling but you know you could charge more or         you´ve not made any sales since you opened!

You´re not looking to build a successful business to be chained to a desk, you desire freedom and a life with limitless possibilities!

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

You weren´t and aren´t naive enough to think this was going to be a complete breeze and you never imagined you could just decide to open your business and have floods of sales and leads the following day but you didn´t think it would take quite this long or cause you as much frustration as it does currently

I know if you had a magic wand you´d wish for so much more, you´d wish you could wake up daily and have high ticket leads/sales in your inbox, you´d wish your content effortlessly converted, you´d wish that you were hitting your sales goals with ease, you´d wish that you were reaching your success, you´d wish that you had the time and freedom to do all those things you dream of and live the amazing life you KNOW is waiting for you!

But you don´t have a magic want (I know gutting right) but that´s ok, you don´t need one. OH YEAH SURE JANE…no I´m serious, you might think that´s the only option left for you, to find some sort of miracle but it really isn´t. I´ve been where you are.

And you’re not alone, I´ve worked with business owners worldwide who feel the same, they´re there staring at the screen for hours just scrolling looking for something, not even sure what “something” is but they’d just scroll hoping and looking something, anything would jump out at them, something that was going to help them turn it around.

They know people need what they do, they know its something that would help them, which made it all even more frustrating when they no one buys or when they don´t make enough sales. 

Do the webinars, do the lives, do the freebies and the funnels, have the courses and go into Facebook groups….they do it all and yet still they’re there lacking the sales and freedom they desire! 

They end the week feeling as if they’ve worked every hour but have barely anything to show for it, small wins here and there but still lacking those sales…plenty of nice comments some weeks but not enough in the sales bank!


I´ve been a business owner for over 10 years! I grew my first business to be a major success within just 3 years (yes I’m a coach with real business success behind me!). But in 2013 I launched my coaching business and wow did I struggle!

Crazy really, I mean how could I be struggling, I knew how to build a business, but none the less I did.

  • I lost count of the amount of online courses I launched over the space of 6 months and not one of the made a sale
  • I had so many freebies and funnels it was insane and yet none of them converted into sales
  • I went 6 months without making a single sale
  • I was showing up, I was doing everything that everyone said “you were supposed to do”
  • I had a whole library of webinars I´d done that 3 people had shown up to

It sucked, I would sit there asking myself what the hell am I missing, like WHAT CAN I NOT SEE?

Then one day I decided to throw away what all those “online gurus” were saying, forget the mountain of online courses, forget the funnels and freebies, I decided to go back to what I KNEW. I went from 0 sales to over 15k in cash sales in just 1 week!


From there my sales and business grew and grew and now I help business owners like you do the same!

What did I do?

I went from trying to sell online courses and all these low cost products and trip wires with a million funnels to basics…I went back to basics and I sold high end packages. I went from not making a single sale on a $197 offering to selling out  spaces on a high ticket package. No funnels, no ads, and I had an audience of less than 200. But yet I made over 15k in cash in just one week and it wasn’t a one off, that became normal!

I don´t have a magic wand but I can help you reach 10k months and beyond by taking you through my simple high end selling formula!

Imagine waking up in the morning and having an inbox full of leads and sales, imagine if you had not just the money but the time to actually live the life you desire, what would you do?

Would you travel?

Would you move country?

Would you buy that handbag you´ve been drooling over for months?


You don´t have to imagine, it´s all completely and entirely possible for you just like it was for me!


Close your eyes for a second, I want you to just clear your head of all fears and allow yourself to breathe. Forget what hasn´t worked, forget what you´ve tired, forget the frustration and maybe dissappointment you feel currently and just breathe…..ask yourself this “How amazing would it feel to be hitting consistent 10k months in my business?”


If the answer is AMAZING read on if not click the x and get out of here 😉


Be 10k Limitless

My 90 Day Signature Experience

This program isn´t just a program it´s an experience because not only are you going to go through my 10k formula so that you can be hitting consistent 10k-20k months in your business but you´ll also during the 90 days experience exactly what consistent 10k-20k month YOU looks/feels/lives!


This isn´t your average have a call, do some homework and then that´s that type of program this is a hands on, private experience where you´ll fully step into 10k YOU and have a 10k business to match.

We´ll work together for 90 days, private one 2 one which means you have my full attention. During the 90 days I´ll be taking you through my consistent 10k formula which consists of:

  • 10k YOU
  • The 10k Enviroment
  • Your hot ideal client
  • High end package creation
  • A full 10k month consistent marketing strategy (meaning you can rinse and repeat for consistent 10k months)
  • A sales process that means the hottest leads convert on repeat
  • The Confident Sales Closer


Just imagine for 1 second having your first 10k month 90 days from now. How much of a difference would that make for you , your business, your life? Or imagine 6 months from now when you’ve had consistent 10-20k months for 6 solid months!

How does this work?

As part of the signature experience you´ll get:

  • A full 10k prep packet (this alone is a game changer for most!)
  • Unlimited Voxer access
  • A 2 hour get shit started intensive
  • Fortnightly 60 minute sessions with me
  • Access to a private clients community
  • Full recordings
  • Plus a secret 😉

*** There´s also a FULL money back guarantee, don´t make minimum of 10k within 4 months then as long as you´ve taken the action you´ll be eligible for a full refund! ***


I know what you´re thinking, so how much does it cost to get into this amazing experience?

Well to unlock 10k months in your business the investment for this is USD $6000

** Just 6 months of consistent 10k months which is the minimum of what we aim for and you´ll have 10x your investment! **


Pay In Full Bonuses Include:

– 6 month access to the Limitless Vault (jam packed full of goodies to help you and your business)

– 3 hour Scale It Up call with me where we´ll map out how to take your business beyond 10k months 😉


*** Payment plans are available but do not include access to the above bonuses ***


What can I say, Jane is incredible. Before working with Jane I spent over 2 years trying to build my coaching business with no success. After working with Jane I went from earning barely anything to earning my years income in just 1 day. Not only did she help me with my business success but she helped me really flourish and fly as a person, my confidence grew, I understood more about myself and what I wanted from life and with Janes´help was able to bring that to life and make it my reality

Mike M

Mindset & Success Coach

I love working with Jane for a couple of reasons, she kicks my ass when I need it, keeps me on track, is always there to listen but she also has this amazing gift of just being able to see what I can´t. I did her 90 day program and by the end of the 90 days I´d made double what I had invested in the program. Being honest when I first thought about selling high end I wasn´t sure it was going to work for me, I was struggling to make lower end sales so the idea that I could sell these higher packages seemed a little crazy but I proved myself completely wrong and I sold out my first high end package in just 6 weeks!

Hannah R

Fitness Coach

Working with Jane was a game changer for me, my goal was to leave my corporate position and be able to travel the world, I had a vision for what I wanted but I was finding it really difficult to make it happen. Within 6 months of working with Jane I had handed in my notice and I´d boarded the plane on my indefinite travels around the world. In my second month working with Jane I made over $25k in sales. She´s amazing and I would highly recommend working with her.

Jasmine E

Accountant & Financial Advisor

How long have you been sat there trying to make this work for you?

Maybe you´re 6 months in and you don´t have any sales

Maybe you´re 12 months in and you have some sales but not enough

How many more freebies and funnels are you going to build only to have them not convert?

How many more hours will you spend scrolling through social media and hitting a brick wall every single time?

At what point do you say, you know what, I´m ready to change this, I´m ready to make it all happen because I deserve it!

10k months are possible for you, they´re possible for everyone who has the courage to say YES and make them happen