In times of uncertainty a fire sale is something that many service based business owners and coaches think they need to do.

“No one is going to have money”

“No one is going to want to invest and buy my higher priced packages”

“Fire sale is the only way anyone will buy”

“People want cheap things”


Mind runs wild and before you know it short of not selling at all you’ve decided your only option is to have a fire sale on all of it, because you have to keep those sales coming in.

I get it, it’s stressful, it’s unknown, it’s uncertain currently and it can feel as if the whole world is in the same situation.

Many are, that’s for sure.

Many will be in a situation where they won’t be investing, they won’t be buying but that’s not the case for everyone.


Just earlier today I was speaking to a client who has had their best sales day in over 18 months and they’re selling high end packages, they don’t have trouble selling them anyway but yesterday she sold almost 10x the amount she usually does in a single day!

Whilst it can feel that everyone is at rock bottom, it isn’t the case and actually you’ll find it really isn’t much different to any other time of the year.


1.Rock bottom doesn’t guarantee sales

Just like a fire sale anytime in the year dropping your prices to rock bottom right now doesn’t guarantee sales anymore than it does at any other time and actually rock bottom can also bring many more objections up such as this big one “too good to be true”.

Rock bottom doesn’t show value, rock bottom doesn’t convince people to just suddenly hand of their cash. People are still looking for value, they’re still looking to purchase things they value and that doesn’t necessarily mean dirt cheap.


2. There’s always people who will and those who won’t

Whilst it may not feel like it times are still pretty much the same from a selling perspective, some people always will and others won’t. That doesn’t change anytime of the year, you’ll never get everyone buying and you’ll never have everyone saying yes and that is the same situation here.

There will still be many and plenty of people who will, who’ll still have the means to, who’ll still have the desire to and who will still say yes and likewise you’ll have people who can’t or won’t and that’s the same any other time in the year.


3. Instead of slashing your prices try creating something smaller

Before you go and slash your prices and have that fire sale, why not consider creating or offering something a little smaller? Something that you could even continue to sell after all this is over and we are at the other side.

This means that once this is all over you’re not going to suddenly be rocketing your prices back up, you’re still showing the value of what you do whilst also taking into consideration there may be people who are looking for something with a smaller price tag.


The very real fact is life is still going on for many albeit it slightly different, is it a good idea to perhaps change your sales approach slightly? For sure. Is it worth adjusting your message slightly? It can be. Is a fire sale the answer? No.

People still need what you do

People will still value your expertise and services

People will still be buying

So continue to allow them to have a place where they can do that and where you value your work!


If you are struggling during this period, maybe you’ve lost all of your sales or have had to pause your business and now you’re wondering what you can do in the meantime then come and join the free support community I’m co hosting with 2 other amazing experts. Click here to join