Jane Baker

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My story

 I grew up in a traditional Valleys mining town in South Wales, United Kingdom. Surrounded by people who’d say “people like us never make it anywhere”….I was determined not to be one of them. I knew from a young age I didn´t fit in or belong there but it would take me a few years before I actually embraced that.

I actually became the 16 year old high school dropout with no qualifications, who suffered a stillbirth at 32 weeks whilst being pregnant aged 18 and yet at 21 was the owner of a successful worldwide company!

I started my first business aged 19 (just turned) and I had no clue what I was doing, against all the odds by the time I was 21 I´d retired my husband, grown a successful worldwide company and had 2 kids 11 months apart at home.

But in 2013 I was burnout, hated life and hated the business I´d built. In truth I don’t think I ever really liked it but I wanted to be successful, I knew I was always destined for more and I just went with it.

So in 2013 I walked away from it, looking back no wonder people thought I was crazy! I had no plan, no idea what was next I just knew things had to change.

In October 2013 I launched my coaching business, to begin with it was tough! I didn’t make a single sale for 6 months, which was crazy considering I knew how to sell, I knew how to build a successful business I had done it. But despite following all the guru advice and having funnels and online courses coming out of my ears I didn’t make sales!

One day I decided enough was enough, I threw out all of the guru advice, disabled every freebie and funnel and focused on what I knew, what I´d learnt in building that first very successful business of mine, I launched my first high end package and 30 days later I´d done over 40k in cash sales!

The rest as they say is history, from there I grew and grew, reaching 100k cash in under 6 months and since then I’ve worked with business owners all over the world.

I’ve helped clients go from not being able to sell their services at $15 an hour to selling out five figure packages and celebrating six figure months. I’ve helped business owners who haven’t made a single sale in months go from 0-10k in under 2 weeks!

I´m grateful to have won several awards and in 2019 I was listed in the F:Entrepreneur Top 100 UK Female Entrepreneurs which was an amazing honour and I was invited to the House Of Lords on a number of occasions to celebrate this achievement.

I’m a travelholic (as a family we take a minimum of 7 holidays per year) and when I’m not travelling you’ll find me loving the island life I’ve built, in August 2019 I moved my family from Wales thousands of miles away to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. 

Coach – Business Owner – Best Selling Author – Speaker

Author of the international best selling book She Lives Limitlessly

Host of the She Lives Limitlessly Podcast.

Host of The Limitless Living Lounge.


I specialise in helping service based business owners and coaches live limitlessly by leveraging their time whilst drastically increasing their income through high end selling!