Is there a magic one size fits all strategy?

Is there a magic one size fits all strategy?

Yesterday I hosted a AMA on AMAFEED you can check it out here JANE AMA  the AMA was about sales and basically people could ask me anything they wanted about how to get sales or increase sales in their business and I had a lot of questions but interestingly many of them were the same or at least on a very similar wave length and it’s actually something I see everyday online and speaking to people too and that’s what I’m writing about today.

“What’s the best sales strategy I can use?”

“What’s the best sales strategy that works for someone else that I can use?”


You get the idea right?

There was a very common theme and that theme was what’s the magic sales strategy that I can use and this is the thing…what works for others spectacularly well might not work for you and it’s not because the strategy isn’t a good one but that it wasn’t built or put together for you and so it might not have the same outcome.


See the best sales strategies are ones that are created for that in particular business because no 2 businesses are the same and neither are the people running them. I’ll give you an example I work with various coaches each of them have a different strategy because each of them have a slightly different audience and also they’re unique too!


I can say the same for my other clients, I have 3 virtual assistant clients currently and all 3 have different strategies, so this concept of trying to use what has worked really well for someone else is flawed in some ways, taking inspiration is good, understanding what can work is good but at the end of the day if you want a strategy that gets you the best results then you have to understand what’s going to work FOR YOU and that might not be the strategy that worked for someone else.


I understand why people do look for that quick magic strategy they can plug in and go because hey I’ve been there, you want quick results right and you want those sales and so if it worked for someone else hell it’s what you need…..but it isn’t!


So how do you find what’s going to work for you?


Get to know your ideal client

I know I know I talk about this almost every time you read something from me but there’s a reason for that, if you don’t know your ideal client then anything you put together won’t work. You need to know them, where you can get in front of them, what you can get in front of them with. It’s also a myth that people think this part takes months and months because it doesn’t. You also don’t have to go and get people to fill in those stuffy surveys. In fact finding out about your ideal client can be fun, it can get you talking, chatting and spending time with people that ultimately you want to sell too. The fact is if you don’t know your ideal client you’ve got zip all chance of finding a strategy that’s going to work for a ROI.


Know what you enjoy

Listen if your strategy is going to require you to be hands on then you’re going to need to make sure you enjoy it, you have to be careful with this though and understand the difference between you really not enjoying something and fear. Facebook live is a prime example of this, so many people say no I don’t enjoy them and yet they’ve never really done any. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a client say no I hate doing them only to turn around 4 months later and be in love with them. There’s a difference between really not enjoying something and fear! Question why you don’t enjoy it and always know when fear is at play. But yea it’s important to know what you enjoy doing.


Know the budget

Look there’s plenty of strategies that don’t cost a single penny to get up and running and working but I also speak with people all the time who’ve gone for the ads – funnel strategy because it worked really well for a big name they saw and the problem is they don’t have a big ad budget to generate the results which then means the strategy doesn’t work. You’ve got to know what you’re working with, if you’re working with ZERO then ads won’t necessarily be your best strategy.


Brainstorm it out

I love getting my flipcharts out and just brainstorming then visually mapping the sales strategy out, it’s so good to get things out of your head and down on paper where you can visualise the process and strategy and see it come to life.


Keep it simple

I know I’ve said it before but the most complicated of sales strategies doesn’t mean they’ll yield the best results. The simplest of strategies Facebook Live – Call CTA – Share Live – Sell on Call can sometimes be the most effective don’t be afraid of keeping things simple, as long as they work for you it’s all that matters!


That’s the starting points of discovering a strategy that’s going to work for you, but sometimes you need someone with a bit of vision and experience that see sales in a way you can’t to really unlock your sales strategy and if that’s the case don’t be afraid to get help you’ll save yourself a hell of a lot of time. The other thing is don’t be afraid to get creative and also don’t necessarily put all your eggs in one basket, have 2-3 strategies it’s totally ok so long as you’ve got them working and you’re consistent with them.

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