How to go from invisible to everywhere

How to go from invisible to everywhere

Hands up how many times have you seen the new kid on the block and then a few weeks or months later you’ve seen them everywhere being totally in demand and just seemingly gone from no where to everywhere in what seems like a blink of an eye?

It happens quite a bit right? But I know it’s frustrating for you because you’ve not experienced the same

See you started a few months ago, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and maybe even longer and yet you still feel invisible a lot of the time, sometimes you feel as if you’re one of those fighting to just get any little bit of attention from your ideal clients. So what gives?

Did they all have some sort of magic strategy or drink that you’ve not been privy to?

Honestly no!

“You can’t be serious Jane?!”

I am deadly serious…..they don’t have anything that you couldn’t do or already have available to you

I notice most people use other peoples success as a way to try to tell themselves they couldn’t, “you couldn’t do that because they clearly have something you don’t have” but the truth is you have exactly what they have, you have everything you need to do exactly the same as they’ve done


I did a free training on this topic in my group The Success Lounge a few weeks ago, you can join and still watch the replay, but in the free training I laid out the exact steps to going from 0 to in demand in 60 days, so I thought why not share an overview of it here < totes jokes! But if you want the full steps you’ll need to join the group to get the replay.




Be specific

Don’t try and be everything to everyone, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to have this huge potential client pool to make sales, it’s simply not true. The one thing all people who’ve gone form 0 to everywhere in record time is they’ve been really specific with who they talk to, what they do, what they sell…they’re specific. They understand the concept of cutting through the noise by standing out and you don’t stand out by shouting the loudest, you stand out by being specific, by being able to get into your target markets head so specifically that you stand out to them in front of all that other noise online. The more specific you are the more likely you’ll be able to get seen online, the more specific you are with what you’re selling the easier you’ll find it to actually make sales because you’ll be selling things that your ideal clients connect with and actually want


Know your activities and strategy

Ok tweaking your website for 4 hours a day isn’t going to mean jack to you and won’t get you those results you’re looking for, website can wait. The activities that matter are the ones that are actually going to get you a step closer to where you want to be which is being known and making sales. Understand what your sales activities are, understand what activities get you known and which ones bring in leads. Don’t spend 80% of your time on activities that will yield long-term results and expect short-term wins. Focus your time, effort and energy in the right spaces. Focus on the goals, focus on the tasks that will get you there. They have a strategy that’s right for them and their business < the big one!


Position as expert, build audience…leads and sales

Those are the 3 things you need to do every single day, position yourself as the expert for your ideal clients, build your audience and bring in leads and sales. So how? Well that depends on your audience right? But think about them, what are they struggling with? What questions might they have? What are they looking for? Ask yourself the question “How can I show them I have what they want?” then you need to get in front of them where they are to position yourself as the expert using your content. Next build your audience, what activity can you do to bring people into your audience? This might be promoting a freebie or your group or doing something else, but you need to be growing your audience daily. The big one right leads and sales, many people might disagree but if you’re not asking for the sale daily you’re missing out on sales. Once a day at least you’ve got to be asking for the sale, remind people how they can take the next step and purchase your services.



Trying to do this on your own is a recipe for disaster, if there’s one thing that almost guarantees you getting your name out there in ways you can’t do just on your own it’s collaborating. Collaborating with others means you can get in front of your audience in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily have access to on your own. Collaborating means someone else is saying you’re someone worth listening to and following, collaborating means someone else is saying you’re someone to trust. People have blocks when it comes to collaborating because they’re afraid of losing business, but you’ll gain business by collaborating. I added 1000 people to my list in 4 weeks just by collaborating. You can think outside of the box, there are literally no rules. Remember to collaborate with people who’ll compliment what you do or collaborate with people who you know have their audience in their audience already



No one ever went from 0 to in demand without consistency, on it one day then not for the next 10 days doesn’t work. Showing up for 2 days and then not for the next 7 days doesn’t work. Consistency is key in getting the momentum and then continuing with that momentum to get to a position where you’ve gone from 0 to in demand in a short space of time!

Of course, all of that means nothing if the person implementing it doesn’t step into the person they need to be to reach the results they desire, it’s possible for anyone but only if they’re open to taking the action and being who they need to be!


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