strategy calls whatever you like to call them the end goal is all the same right…make the sale? And yet almost every client I start working with me tells me the same thing 

“Jane I’m terrible at calls, I can’t make any sales on them”

But here’s the thing I don’t think they’re terrible at sales calls and usually after a couple of weeks they’re rocking those sales calls, but I know this is such a common issue for so many business owners and entrepreneurs. Sales calls literally sends them into a cold sweat they can be that fearful of them.

Here’s some simple steps to take to actually get your sales calls converting

1 .Be in the right zone first 

Listen if you’re going to go into a sales call feeling crap and expecting the no then that’s what you’re going to get. Get yourself in the right zone before you go on the call. Some people have like little rituals they go through to get them in the zone, some people listen to music, light candles, dance…it doesn’t really matter what you do so long as it gets you in the right zone and then couple that with changing your belief. Instead of believing you’ll hear a no switch to believing you’ll hear a yes instead!

2. Get the sale bit out of the way

When you spend all call worrying about the moment you have to ask for the sale you won’t enjoy it and it’ll be an awkward experience for you and them, so instead tackle the sale element at the beginning. 

“We’re going to have a chat through xyz and then at the end I’ll tell you a little bit about how I could help you take this further and if you’re interested we can discuss what that might look like”

There done, out of the way you’re not going to spend all call worrying and they’re fully aware too. 

3. Remember to listen

One of the biggest things I see people do on sales calls is they talk, talk and talk mainly because they get nervous so they think they need to keep talking and then they’re afraid of there being silent moments so they keep talking again until the person on the other end has got so overwhelmed that they can’t possibly take in everything you’ve said! You’ve got one mouth and 2 ears use them in that way, you’re going to have everything you need on that call if you just stop and listen

4. You’re in control

“My calls spiral into pick my brain sessions” the thing is you’re in control here, if the conversation is entering a pick my brain session then take control of it, bring it back to the topic and if necessary you can then mention at the end that they had questions regarding xyz which are things you’ll be able to cover should they choose to take the next step. Don’t be afraid to take control of the call, respect the boundaries you have in place!

5. Where do you need help?

Let them tell you! Don’t guess what they need, don’t wonder, ask them and let them tell you and then when it comes to asking for the sale you can simply repeat back to them what they said to you…it actually works a treat in the end they sell themselves!

Sales calls don’t have to be these big scary things that you end up hating, sales calls can be things you enjoy if you set the right environment and belief before hand and remember the simple basics of sales calls.

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