Create, launch and watch the sales roll in with your first high end package!

That´s why you’re here right?!

You have this deep feeling that you should be high ticket selling but right now you’re not. Whether that’s because you don’t know how, you’re not sure or some other reason.

The fact is, you’re here because you KNOW high ticket selling is for you and you’re here because you’re ready to start selling it right now!

Let’s play a game of can I read your mind, you up for it?


You jumped into the online world because you desired freedom, you read all the books and listened to the trainings about how to create a laptop lifestyle with online courses and you were excited. I mean who wouldn’t be excited about the prospect of sales rolling in whilst you did whatever the hell you wanted in whatever part of the world you desire and of course the potential sales isn’t bad either, so you excitedly set about creating your freebie, funnel, sales page, course and then put it out to the world, you did it. You were on your way to that freedom!


Oh wait, days and weeks pass by without a single sale, some have downloaded your freebie but none have converted into a sale. It´s ok maybe you were trying to sell the wrong thing and you start the whole process all over again, which is why you’re now here because it isn’t working quite how you imagined and hey you might be one of the few who land here who have actually made some low end sales and if that’s you then hats off to you! 

But it isn’t enough and no where near that freedom you desired or the sales figures you were dreaming of.


Did I get that right? If YES, yey me and you can scroll on by the next part!


But maybe I didn’t quite get it right for you so let me give it another try, I swear I’ll get it this time. 


You don’t have online courses and a mountain of funnels but you do have services and coaching to sell, maybe lower end sort of packages or maybe you’re still selling hourly sessions. You do however desire freedom, you desire to be hitting five and six figure months, but the chances of that happening currently are extremely slim considering you’d also need to clone yourself to fit enough hours in to get anywhere near that volume in sales, which of course isn’t an option. 


But neither do you feel called to do online courses, yes the whole world seems to be talking about it bu it just doesn’t feel right for you right now or maybe you’re fully aware of the volume of traffic you’d need to be sending through those funnels and just know that isn’t for you right now. 


Enter high end selling….


Ok I know I nailed it that time!

The good news is this online course isn’t about funnels or online courses, it isn’t about ads or needing to drive huge volumes of traffic, it is however about leveraging high end selling so you can create, launch and finally be hitting those sales goals so you can live limitlessly!


The High End Online 

Is for you if you’re:


  • A service based business owner or coach who desires freedom and the ability to live limitlessly
  • Wants to be able to supercharge your results, you don’t want to be waiting 12 months to hit your first five figure month or even week!
  • Looking for an alternative to selling online courses
  • Tired of creating freebies and funnels that no one signs up for and no one converts through
  • Looking to leverage your time whilst drastically increasing your income
  • Ready to trade hourly packages into something that serves your ideal clients at their highest level whilst giving you a huge financial return for your time, knowledge and services 
  • Happy to work at your own pace, on your own and don’t feel as if you want any private support (if you do want private support this might be a better fit for you) 

The High End Online


Over 15 modules that will guide you through creation, launch, conversion (sales!!)




We’ll go right back to the basic foundations ensuring you’re building your high end business on a solid foundation that will enable you to scale as you move forward, we’re not looking for any one hit wonders, this is about creating a scalable business that unlocks your limitless life permanently.We’ll be covering:

  • Your high end why, you won’t just create any old package, this will be a package perfectly aligned with you and your desires
  • The KEY foundation
  • Creation of your irresistible high ticket package 
  • Pricing of your package, no wondering what to charge you’ll know exactly how to set the price
  • Behind the scene systems and delivery





Once you have your high end offer then of course you’re going to want to launch it to the world, after all what’s the point in having something awesome if no one knows it exists to buy it? That´s where the launch section of the course comes in. We will leave no stone unturned in creating a launch and marketing plan that gets you seen with your irresistible and has those leads rolling in. We’ll be covering: 

  • Creating a launch and marketing plan that will bring in daily leads
  • Content that converts
  • How to position yourself in a high end way and get seen by the right people
  • Plus other money making activities such as how to maximise your time to be a productivity machine, creating the right environment and much more.




Now the really exciting part, let’s get the sales rolling in! And again we’re not talking one hit wonder, so we’re going to be focusing on how you get not just your first lot of sales but how those sales come in consistently meaning you have a consistent stream of high end sales into your business unlock your limitless life! Not only will we cover the sales strategy but I’ll also include some secret sauce mindset stuff so even if you feel like you’re not a natural seller or confident with selling you will end this course knowing how to convert high end sales with ease! We’ll be covering:

  • Creating a sales process that filters but also converts at over 70% 
  • How to set up your sales conversations so that they sell themselves into your high end offer
  • Convert pay in full (yes people pay in full for high end offers)
  • Your pre sales rituals that will explode your conversions
  • Plus other sales activities such as follow up processes, bonuses, upsells and add on selling.

The result of this course is pretty simple

You’ll have a high end offer that you can sell with ease and see those high end sales roll into your account daily unlocking your freedom limitless life!


Just Imagine…

what that would even mean for you…I mean no more worrying about leads and sales, no more working 40 hours a week and barely seeing a return, no more online courses that aren’t selling or funnels that aren’t converting. No more seeing others living the life that you desire, no more seeing others celebrate five figure months, you’ll actually be doin it yourself!!


Each module will guide you through the different stages of creating, launching and then successfully selling a high end offer. 

You also get access to pre recorded Q&A sessions to help you out in case you get stuck with anything. 


And you get lifetime access, which means you really can go at your own pace although as I know you’re wanting to supercharge your results I know you’re going to make your way through it ASAP


But the thing I love most about this course is that you take action as you go through it, so you’re not sitting there for 8 modules before you can do anything. With just 90 minutes in total a week for 1 module plus the actionable tasks from it you can be making progress to having those high end sales rolling in. 


What’s not to love?


Want to know a secret?

I mean that’s a lie it isn’t a secret but it sounded more dramatic! I had built my own wildly successful business by the time I was 21, then in 2013 when I launched my coaching business I spent 6 months not making a single sale…not one! 


How crazy is that? I knew how to build a business, I knew how to make sales and yet I wasn’t making any. I had more funnels than I could shake a stick at, lost count at the amount of freebies I’d created and had a whole catalogue of courses no one had bought. 


One day I said enough was enough, I decided to go back to what I knew, harness what I knew definitely worked. I got to business and 4 weeks later, having launched a high end offer I had done over 40k cash in sales! 



6 months later I’d done over 100k! 


High end sales unlocked the path to the place I am today, it unlocked my first five figure months, 6 figure year as a coach and much more. It enabled me to open the doors on a limitless life that I and my family now love. 


It’s possible for you too, no matter how many months you may have sat there without any sales or even small sales, it’s possible for you to be in a completely different place in just a few months. 


You could take that first step today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m not a business coach is this suitable for me?

Absolutely this is perfect for all service based business owners and coaches, whether you’re in the business domain or not high end selling is possible for you and this course will help you through the exact steps to make it happen.  

2. I don´t know how to use or have a budget for FB ads is that a problem 

Not at all at least not for this course, we won’t be covering any of those things and you can sell high end without using them so don’t worry. 

3. Will this work for me? 

Honestly I can’t guarantee that it will, what I can guarantee is that it’s worked for me and plenty of other business owners all over the world in all different industries. The question of whether it will work for you comes down to how much you want it to work for you. The door is open, it’ll be your choice whether you walk through it. 

*** Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated I don´t guarantee any income or sales results, all testimonials which showcase any increase in sales or income should be seen as an example of what´s possible and not as a guarantee. ***

Have questions that aren´t answered here? Well don´t miss out, hit the button at the bottom right of the screen and ask away!