When people hear high end selling it usually ignites a few common myths in their head, things they may have heard, seen or just assume about high end selling but the reality is they´re myths. Every single one of them a total myth.

High end selling is for everyone, even you the person who´s reading this totally doubting that high end selling is ever possible for you.

But I get it, there´s so many myths out there with high end selling that it can be difficult to imagine or picture how on earth you´d get it to work for you.

So I´m going to break down the myths! Ready?

No one buys high ticket from social media

Total myth! In fact people buy all sorts from social media, they buy everything from a $1 item to something worth 6 figures or even more. Social media isn´t this place where only freebie hunters hang out, it´s a total myth to assume that. A large % of the population is on social media in some way shape or form and many of them are more than ready to purchase your services. A client of mine sold out a five figure package just using Facebook posts! So it´s possible

The reason people attract freebie hunters on social media is down to their content and also how they´re training their audience, that can happen whether you´re selling something for $100 or $100,000.

Only business coaches or those with financial returns can sell high end

People value so much more than just money, they value their time, their health/wellbeing, relationships, spirituality/religion…so the idea that you have to offer a financial return to be valuable enough to sell high end is totally not true, imagine how truly life changing and valuable it is to loose weight because loosing that weight changes things around them, it might change their relationships, how they feel about themselves, how healthy they are.

When thinking of your value think about all the areas where your work has an impact, if they achieve/get xyzzy what changes for them in their life? In their relationships? Value is found everywhere in someones life not just in money!

They won´t pay in full

How do you get people to pay in full when selling something over 2k…I get asked this a lot…easy same way you get people to pay in full under 2k. You give them the option, in fact you lead with it. People pay in full for all sorts of package prices every single day, it’s purely a belief that people have that makes them think there aren’t people out there who’ll pay in full….given the option people WILL!

If you´re a coach you need fancy pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower

Look this is a myth in general about the coaching industry, pictures in Paris doesn´t mean you´ll make any sort of sales let alone high end ones, do images help? Yes of course they do but they´re not essential and they´re certainly not going to make or break your high end sale.

I´m going to have to be really pushy!

Not at all, in fact doing that will likely result in no sales not more. High end selling and converting into sales isn´t about being pushy it´s about demonstrating the value and clearly working with the objections. It´s not about holding a gun to someones head and forcing them to buy (that will not work!)

Let your value shine through, if you´ve positioned your content, if you´ve clearly demonstrated the value and if you know how to conduct your sales calls/conversations they’ll convert themselves.

Ultimately high end selling isn´t about any of the above, it´s above your positioning and whether you´ve nailed the valuable want that your ideal clients have.

If you´ve created a package that speaks to the want, if you´ve positioned it in a way that shows value and you have a system to bring in leads then you can sell high end, no matter what your business or where you are right now it´s totally possible for you!

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