Only read if you´re ready to build a six figure business!

How To Build A Six Figure Business Using Facebook!

Have you been dreaming of a six figure business? 

Maybe you’ve tried previously, maybe you have no idea where to start! Either way this is the course for you if you desire to be hitting the big six figure sum in your business.


Don´t spend a minute longer with the six figure business goal on your goal board but no idea how to make it happen! With this course you´ll have the exact steps and be able to make 2020 your six figure year!


Every six figure business is built on solid foundations, but what do the foundations need to be and how do you make sure they´re solid? 

In this course you´ll discover exactly what foundations you need, how to create solid foundations in your business and how to ensure that your business isn´t a flash in the pan but a long lasting consistent six figure business!


Facebook is an amazing platform and it offers a huge return if it´s leveraged correctly and if you have a strategy that works. 

In this course I´ll walk you through step by step the exact strategy that will yield you a six figure return using ONLY Facebook!

How do I know? Because this is a tried and tested strategy used by various businesses in all different fields including myself!


No six figure business is complete without the mindset, mindset is key but most people don´t understand the mindset they need to step into and then they don´t know how to step into it, how to stay consistent and something they don´t even know what´s holding them back!

In this course I take you through the magic money mindset practices that helped me go from 0 to 100k in under 6 months! 

Trust me, this part alone is WOW!

Just Imagine…

How you´d feel finally hitting that six figure goal?

How much of a difference would it make not just to you but to the world, to your relationships, to your life?

I can remember a time where I´d sit there staring at the 6 figure celebrations and wishing it could be me, I wanted it so bad but I didn´t really have a clue how to make it happen!

You don´t have to sit there any longer, this course can help you unlock it.

But how do I know this will work for me?

I lost count of the amount of times I asked myself that question when I was in the space you are right now, the space where I desired a six figure business but wasn´t sure it would ever happen for me, I felt like everyone was saying they had reached it and there I was thinking they must have some secret that I don´t have!

But I went from 0 to 100k in under 6 months and I´ve replicated that same results with clients spread across a ton of different industries. 

So can it work for you? Absolutely it can, it can work for everyone, the real question always comes down to….

Are you READY to say YES to your six figure goal and make it happen for you?

Course Access

Split into 7 modules you can work through each module and the accompanying downloads in your own time and at your own pace.

You´ll receive a login to access the course, no having to fish through emails or join yet another FB group, it´ll be waiting for you in your own membership portal!

There´s no deadlines as you have lifetime access AND as you know Facebook is an everchaging platform you´ll receive all the latest updates and changes to the modules as they´re updated when Facebook role out any changes OR when new fresh strategies hit the scene!


For those of you who need some additional accountability or maybe you´re sat there thinking…but I haven´t done the other 3 courses I´ve bought then the VIP option is perfect for you!

With the VIP option you get access to ME, which means no buying this course and then doing nothing with it, no getting stuck and not being sure how to move forward, I´ll be there with you for a full 4 weeks, supporting, keeping you accountable and moving YOU forward towards that six figure goal.

2 Hour Intensive Call 

4 Weeks of accountability over Voxer (you can commence your 4 weeks anytime between now and end of January)

And as it´s BLACK FRIDAY this is also available for a crazy amazing price.

Fancy yourself as a VIP?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a big ads budget?

Not at all, whilst we do cover ads in this course it isn´t a requirement to run any and so actually you can do this course with ZERO ad budget which is what makes it so amazing!


I´m a product based business is this for me?

No not really, this course is perfect for service based business owners and coaches but isn´t really suitable for product based businesses.


I don´t currently have an audience would this help me?

Absolutely to build a six figure business you´re going to need an audience, so where you currently have an audience or nothing at all this course is perfect for you!


Facebook is always changing, will there be updates?

Absolutely there´ll be updates and you´ll get access to all of them!


Have questions that aren´t answered here? Well don´t miss out on the offer, hit the button at the bottom right of the screen and ask away!