She Lives Limitlessly

“You can’t go from zero to big numbers in under 12 months” – Yes, you can

“To achieve freedom or a limitless life, you have to be selling online courses” – No, you don’t!

This book might just disrupt and rip up your entire thinking around limitless living and your own business growth.

She Lives Limitlessly takes you through a journey of how you can unlock your limitless life, whilst completely supercharging your business results without selling a single online course or creating the mountain of funnels you’ve previously been told are the keys.

If you desire a limitless life but find yourself with a mountain of low end offers that no one seems to buy or maybe you just don’t feel called or inspired to sell online courses, then this is the book you need to have in your pocket.

Award-winning coach and entrepreneur Jane Baker is taking you behind the scenes and sharing the exact process and steps she went through and has taken clients all over the world through to achieve results such as 0 to 40k in sales in under 30 days, no sales in 12 months to replacing their entire annual corporate wage in just two weeks, from start-up to selling over 400k in their first year and many more.

But a WARNING if you´re looking to grow slowly and need thousands of eyes going through your millions of funnels every single week just to hit your first milestone of a six-figure year, then this book is certainly not for you. It’s full of actionable strategies and steps, chapters that will awaken ideas and concepts that you simply haven’t considered before.

Are you ready to supercharge your sales, your business, and unlock your limitless life? Then this is the book that will help you do it!

The Kindle & Paperback versions are available on all Amazon stores, please use the above link to purchase a signed copy which includes shipping. For unsigned versions or Kindle version please go to your local Amazon website and search “She Lives Limitlessly”

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About The Author

Jane Baker is a successful business owner & High End Sales coach. Having started her first business aged 19 she quickly grew it to be a worldwide success. Jane has won countless awards and was listed as a top 100 UK female entrepreneur in 2019.

Jane originally from Wales is a self confessed travel holic and loves to travel around the world with her family combining it with speaking enagements. In 2019 Jane also relocated with her family from Wales to Lanzarote, Canary Islands and now truly lives a limitless life.

Having build her own successful business and being able to sell high ticket packages with ease, Jane turned her attention to helping others do the same. She now helps service based business owners and coaches worldwide sell high ticket packages and in this book she wants to show you how to do the same!

"I'm already through more than half the book, and my brain is swarming with epiphanies"

Jenny Hale

"An inspirational book! Honest, heartfelt and practical, easy to read and relevant for everyone trying to improve their lives, fulfilled their dreams and leave a limited past behind"


"Jane’s the High-End selling MASTER! This book is AMAZING In depth... yet simple to action Taking action within a day of reading this and getting results ALREADY!"

Mike McDonnell