4 Reasons You Should Be Asking For The Sale

4 Reasons You Should Be Asking For The Sale

When someone says to me “Jane I’m not making any sales” one of the first things I ask is…how often are you asking for the sale? It seems like a really obvious one right and I guess it is but for the most part the people who aren’t making sales are the ones who aren’t asking in the first place.

I know that for so many people they don’t because fear kicks in, they think that they’ll be seen as spammy or yucky or any other belief they’ve got going on around asking for the sale and then others have been swept up in the “you have to show value” and so they think that means never asking for the sale. I call bullshit on both.

See you do have to be valuable but that doesn’t mean never asking for the sale and it doesn’t mean spending 6 months before you ask for the sale either. The same with the fear of being seen as spammy and yucky, those are usually their own beliefs and not something someone has said about them, in fact they likely follow people who ask for the sale and don’t feel that way about them, it’s a total belief they’re carrying around about sales, it’s a reflection of their own belief.

I don’t for one minute suggest you should ask for the sale in every thing you put out there and I’m not saying to forget giving value at all BUT you have to have the balance between both, you have to be asking for the sale and here’s why:


  1. You’ll train people to expect free

This is a big one, now when I say train you might think oh that’s a harsh way to look at it and it might be but the fact is that’s exactly what you do. When you’re building your audience you’re training them to engage and interact with you in a certain way and the fact is if you’re always giving them free but never opening the door and asking for the sale so they can take the next step then you’re training them to always expect free and so when you go and finally ask for the sale once in a Blue moon you simply won’t get a sale, I mean why would they? Get your community used to you asking for the sale from the beginning and they’ll be more likely to take the next step and actually buy from you


2. People can’t buy what they don’t know exists

It’s a simple one, if they don’t know what you have how can they possibly buy? Now I know some people will say if they really want it they’ll come and ask you and sure some might but there’ll be a hell of a lot more who won’t. I watched something the other week and thought I’d love to know how to do that but this person didn’t open up and ask for the sale, could I have messaged them and asked? In hindsight yes but at the time I didn’t think they had anything so I went and had a look elsewhere found someone who had it readily available there front and centre to buy so I bought. So yes you can sit there and wait for people to ask you if you have something for sale OR you can put it front and centre and make sure people know you’re open for business and that they can buy


3. You’ll never know if you don’t ask

People presume that they have what people want and people presume that if someone wanted something they’d just find how they can buy it but the fact is if you’re not asking then you’ll never know. You’ll never know if someone did want it or not, you’ll never know if it was what they wanted, you’ll never know if people weren’t buying because they didn’t want it or because they didn’t know about it. Not asking leaves so many unknowns and it also wastes a lot of your time. When you ask you know one way or another you know whether it’s something that’s wanted or not, you know whether they’re going to buy or not….it just makes things simpler!


4. You’re not truly serving them

Look if you’re in the business of helping people change something, get something or fix something then the chances are the only way you’re really going to help them to do that is if they actually buy from you, I’m sure your free stuff is amazing but I equally know that most people don’t take action with it, sure they like how it sounds and it might make them feel better for a few minutes but the real change doesn’t come from there for them. It’ll come when they take the step of actually committing to that change, or fix or whatever it is. When you’re not asking for the sale you’re simply not giving your audience the opportunity to really get that change or want that they say they desire, you’re not truly serving them in a way that would actually see change for them!


I get all the reasons why people don’t ask for the sale I really do, but by not asking you’re denying yourself of the sales that you could be getting, you’re holding yourself back from where you want to be and for what? To appease some belief that you have or to fit in with what fear is telling you?

You presume people don’t want it because if they did they’d ask but what if they presume you don’t have anything for sale because you never ask?

You presume people don’t need to be told that you have something and that if you told them they’d think you were spammy, but what if they’re waiting to be told? What if they’re going and buying elsewhere because you opened the door and showed them what they needed but you didn’t get them a chance to walk through that door with you and so they took their sales elsewhere?


Stop hiding from asking

Stop letting your fear and beliefs that you have around sales and selling stop you from really serving your audience, because that’s what you do when you open up the door for them to walk through, you’re serving them at the level they’d need to be served at to really get what they want!


Are you struggling with selling? Do you find yourself getting lots of nice compliments but not enough sales? Let’s talk about your Sales Strategy and I’ll help you map out a sales strategy and process that doesn’t just get people feeling good but gets them buying…schedule your call here!

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