4 Reasons why you may not be making sales!

4 Reasons why you may not be making sales!

“I’ve got a great business I don’t understand why no one is buying”
So I hear this a lot and for me it comes down to these key areas:
1. You may think it’s amazing but do they?
What I mean by this is you may think the business is amazing and it may well be amazing and you may know that people need what you’re selling but do they? People don’t buy the service they buy what the service is going to help them do/get/change.
Solution: Package your service so you sell the want instead of the service itself
2. You’re not showing up in the right space
You could be showing up with amazing content but if you’re not in the right space then it simply won’t work, where your ideal clients spend their time and where they go might be different to where you do but I find a lot of people show up in the spaces they spend their time which is fine if your ideal client is there but if they’re not then you’re wasting your marketing time.
Solution: Focus on your ideal clients where do they spend their time? Where do they go and look? What do they read/listen?
3. You’re not showing up with the right content
So if you’re in the right space but not getting anywhere then it can be a case of not showing up with the right content, I find a lot of people either show up with content that gets a ton of likes (quotes) or they show up with content that doesn’t show their ideal clients how they can help. Your content has to talk to your ideal clients while showing them that you’re able to help them with your services.
Solution: Make a list of the questions your ideal clients have and answer them in your content
4. You’re not asking for the sale
This is by far the most common issue I come across people never selling! Now you might say “oh but I don’t need to because if someone really wants to work with me they’ll ask me how they can….” Yea you can sit there waiting if you really want to OR you can maximise your sales and I know which one I prefer. How do people know they can take the next step and work with you if you never let them know they can in the first place? Sales in this day and age is about being easy and speedy for the consumer not sitting there putting the onus on them to reach out and find out if they can buy from you!
Solution: Ask for the sale every single day!
5. You don’t believe people will buy
Seems an odd one right? How can you not believe people will buy? Well it may seem odd but it’s extremely common. You’d be amazed the amount of people I come across who say things like well I don’t think they’ll buy or I don’t think they can afford it or even a total lack of belief in themselves to carry out the service they’re selling. Why does this result in no sales? Simply put if you don’t believe people will buy then they won’t….hold on that can’t be true can it? Well it is we largely get what we expect and if we expect no sales then that’s what we’re get and it happens because our actions are born from our beliefs and so if we believe we won’t then our actions will show that too
Solution: Step into the mindset of who you need to be to believe the sales are coming daily
A lack of sales can be one thing or a combination of things but those are the most common reasons I come across for the lack of sales in service businesses. But the good news is they’re all really easy and simple to solve. Remember sales are simple you just have to take the action to change!

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  1. So many amazing tips! As a fairly new blogger looking to step up the monetisation side of things, I really appreciate all of this advice.

  2. Asking for the sale is SO important! When you first start, it is the hardest part! Because it’s awkward and you’re scared of hearing no! But hearing no is a good thing! It can open up the opportunity to talk about why the answer is no, get some of their objections and then overcome them to make it a YES! Or if you can’t overcome them, then you can move on! Great tips!

    Lauren | https://livebythesunshine.com

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