I speak to so many service based business owners who don’t think that high end packages are possible for them, most of them assume they’d have to get into coaching or be a coach to be able to have high end offerings as part of their services but actually that’s not true, in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth!

High end offerings are possible for everyone and they’re a great way to increase your income whilst also leveraging your time. Instead of working with a client for $35 you can take the same if not less amount of hours and charge $2.5k+ for it, but how?

I’m going to share 3 ways that you could take your services and package them up in a high end offer

  1. Have packages with specific outcome

Let’s for example say you’re an accountant, instead of positioning yourself as just your average account try standing out a bit more. Create 2 packages that cater for slightly different end results, you have the big VIP package which would include everything done for them with monthly online reports detailing and reviewing their finances that month…these are examples but as the expert I’m sure you could think of something better! Then you could have another package aimed at the person who gets really flustered come tax season, every month through the year they’d get a reminder from you of what to keep for the month and what to throw away with tax hints and tips and then come tax season you compile it for them so they can send it off, you charge a monthly fee with an annual discount if they pay in full.

One of the best ways for a service based business start offering high end packages is to ensure that the packages are set up in such a way that they stand out, not just an accountant but a VIP all money headache service taken away…you get the idea right.

  1. Utilize online and offline

Much like the above examples you can use both online and offline to differentiate between offers and create tiers of high end offerings. Let’s say you’re a fitness coach, instead of your offline services being the normal have online offerings that cater to this instead and have your offline offerings packaged in a high end way. 

Online – You could have a monthly group which includes workout plans and fitness advice

Offline – You could have a Weightloss & Tone up package which includes in person training twice a week, daily motivation reminders, home workout plans and more…as a bonus you could even throw in meal plans. You could even offer intensive bootcamp packages. 

  1. Bring others on board

When thinking about high end packages you don’t have to do it all on your own, you can combine with others and have them be a part of your package to increase the value to your ideal clients. Fitness coach has a nutritionist and stylist inside the package, accountant with a financial advisor or retirement planner. Graphic designer with a photographer. You can increase the value of packages by collaborating with others and creating a package that really knocks the socks off of what your ideal clients want! 

The thing to remember is there are no rules, you can combine online and offline, you can collaborate, you can run retreats, you can basically do anything. The key things to remember are:

  • Have specific packages AIMED at specific wants/needs your ideal clients have this enables you to stand out and will always be easier to see the value
  • Don’t cram the packages full of things that mean nothing to your ideal clients, sure that champagne dinner sounds fancy but does is it valuable to your ideal client
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative, have fun and try doing packages that you really love