15 Ways to bring the sales and leads in

15 Ways to bring the sales and leads in

I know that feeling of sitting there thinking “how on earth am I actually going to get these leads/sales” the good news is it likely isn’t as complicated as you think. In fact 9 times out of 10 we get stuck in the how and in our head and it complicates everything.

Making sales and getting leads is actually way simpler than you might think. So here’s 15 ways that you can bring in sales/leads in the next month or hell even the next week!


  1. Follow up

Now initially you might think “but I don’t have anyone to follow up with” but I can almost guarantee that isn’t the case. Write out a list of all the people you’ve had discussions with in the last 6 months about what you do and/or people you’ve spoken to about your business/services previously but haven’t as of yet bought. Then get in touch with them all, follow up and have a conversation.


  1. Ask how you can help

Next up make a list of all the people you’ve had conversations with recently but haven’t necessarily entered the “this is how I can help you and this is how you can buy from me conversation” yet. Make a list then get in touch with them to see how you could help them.


  1. Re-connect with those previous clients

If you’re someone who’s been in business a while and have past clients that you can get in touch with then do that, is there anything else you can help them with right now?


  1. Ask for referrals

Simply put go and ask for referrals! Ask previous clients, ask people you’re connected with, just put the word out that you’re open to referrals. You might be surprised just how many leads and sales you can do via referrals!


  1. Time sensitive

If you’re in a situation where you need some quick sales/leads then create something that has a sense of urgency for your ideal clients. It could be a new package aimed at something they urgently want/need or it could be something that you currently offer but add a bonus onto it, combine that with a deadline so they want to take action ASAP!


  1. Facebook Live CTA

Show up everyday on Facebook live sharing value and getting your ideal clients interested then at the end of every FB live CTA an offer/discovery call etc


  1. Show up

Show up everyday where your ideal clients hang out and always include a CTA…this one is pretty basic and simple!


  1. 5 conversations

Set yourself a target of having 5 conversations every single day, connect with 5 people daily and have a conversation with them about what you do and build a relationship!


  1. Engage and get seen in other places

Engage in other Facebook groups, remember this is engaging not actively posting. This is about you engaging on a thread that someone else posts!


  1. Run a free training

Run a free training where you either help solve a problem your ideal clients have right now OR you help them achieve something they desire, at the end of the training remember to CTA!


  1. Run a free challenge

Same concept as above but this time it’s a challenge


  1. Ads

There’s always the ads option, set up some ads on social media


  1. Run a competition

Run a competition and then offer something to those who don’t win


  1. Advertise your discovery calls

Yes this one seems really basic and yet people don’t do it, let people know you have discovery calls available


     15.  Get out in the offline world

I love the online world as much as the next person but you might be surprised at how much the offline world can yield for you. Go out to some events or networking locally and see what the offline world has to offer.


There’s 15 ideas to get you started, you can use one or all of them the choice is entirely yours but you have to remember when it comes to making sales there isn’t necessarily going to be a quick change in your results unless what you’re doing is a fit for your ideal clients and equally unless you’re going to be consistent with any of this stuff then it simply won’t yield you the results you’re probably looking for!

Sales comes down to:

Knowing what your ideal clients want and selling that to them

Showing up consistently in front of them

Always remember to ask for the sale

Follow up


Sales are simple, it’s you that’s making them difficult!


Are you not seeing the sales results you desire in your business? Let’s talk about how I can help you change that www.janewillmott.com/callwithjane

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