I’m Jane Baker

High End Sales Coach

Helping Service Based Business Owners & Coaches Live Limitlessly!

Private Coaching

Whether you’re just starting out, yet to reach consistent 10-20k months or a six figure business owner looking to scale to multiple 6 figures or even 7 figures I can help you leverage high end selling to unlock your limitless freedom life!

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“Living limitlessly shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, it’s accessible to everyone who’s willing to say yes to themselves”


Be 10k Limitless

Maybe you’re just starting out and struggling to make any sales or maybe you’ve made some sales even had some big months but find yourself lacking consistency. Be 10k Limitless takes you from wherever you are right now to consistent 10-20k months in just 90 days time.

And yes by leveraging high end selling you can legit supercharge those sales!


Unleash Your Limitless

Exclusively for six figure business owners who desire to scale to multiple high 6 figures. You´re making sales but also know that you’re still undercharging, you also find yourself in a situation where time is a luxury. Let me help you not only scale to multiple high 6 figures but do so in a way that means you leverage your time, claim your worth and regain time freedom in your life!



Limitless Living Lounge

Want to get access to FREE trainings like: How I went from 0 to 40k in under 30 days. How you can go from 0 to in demand in under 60 days. The mindset secrets to skyrocket your sales and much more?

Well you can by joining the limitless living lounge, monthly free trainings, daily Voxer access and much more plus watch all previous training replays when you join!


Hey I´m Jane

I started my first business aged 19 and by the time I was 21 I´d grown it to be a worldwide success, I had franchiees all over the world a full order book and so much more…but I was unhappy and had created a life I hated!

So in 2013 I launched my coaching business and from there I created not only a life I love but a ridiculously successful business. I was recently listed as a top 100 UK female entrepreneur and I´ve recently completed my dream move abroad and now live in sunny Lanzarote!

It hasn´t always been this way, I can remember spending 6 months back in 2013 not making a single sale. I did all the things the gurus said, launched all the online courses and had all the funnels and yet still I didn´t make a sale. 

Then I decided to throw it all away and focus on what I KNEW, I went from 0 to a 40k month in just 30 days and now I help business owners just like you do the same!

I specialise in helping service based business owners and coaches live limitlessly by leveraging their time whilst drastically increasing their income through high end selling.


















“Jane is one of those people who can just see what you can´t. She has this gift of just being able to come up with stuff, every call blows my mind. I scaled to 400k in cash sales in under 12 months and I ended up with more free time than ever”